About Sarah

Sarah’s Mobile Grooming was founded in 2000, out of a love for giving personalized attention to pets. The big box chains and other stores, while they have some benefits, didn’t seem to offer the stress-free atmosphere for our pets and lacked convenience for their owners.

I wanted to treat my real customers (your pets) with care and love while making it convenient for you. The only way to do that was to take the grooming services to your door. By utilizing the latest in mobile grooming technology, I am able to create a cage-free, stress-free atmosphere right at your home.

The impact of having familiar smells and surroundings on your pets attitude is tremendous, and the savings and convenience to your family is measurable. My philosophy is to treat your pet with care and respect and spend the time that is required to groom your pet right, not just spend a set amount of time like the big box stores.

I encourage you to try our mobile grooming services and I promise that you won’t be disappointed. Perhaps you may find a reason that you enjoy our services other than we list, but I can guarantee that you and your pet will appreciate the arrangement.

I bring 20 years of experience as a pet professional, Zoologist and Pet Behaviorist. I look forward to becoming friends with you and your pet very soon!